ABOUT - The Glow Creative Motion
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THE GLOW is the bright work of creative Maryam Parwana.

I’m a director, artist and designer creating motion graphics and live-action content on multiple platforms such as Print, TV, Digital, Experiential, Stadiums and Arenas, Concert stages and Video games.

Over the past 16 years I’ve collaborated on projects in film, advertising, network television, video games, music and sports. My ability in visualizing an overall picture and understanding how to execute them to fruition is consistent and stellar. I’ve created work for companies like Rockstar Games, Levis, ESPN films, Comedy Central, AMC Networks, Showtime, HBO, Sports team such as the Philadelphia Eagles,  Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays.

I have a broad range of experience serving as creative director, director, executive producer, designer and editor.




Music Entertainment

Sports Entertainment


Videogames and Interactive