I’m a native New Yorker and a 90s kid. At heart I’m an artist and a visual storyteller.
A multi-disciplinary director and a creative with 18+ of experience in creative direction, design, post production, edit, live-action production, video content creation. An entrepreneur, proven leader and self-starter with a strong initiative. This diverse background allows me to approach projects from various perspectives, bringing an informed and unique vision. I bring style and flair to every project and team. Expert in ideation and the creative process, I bring ideas to life with meaningful steps and processes. I’m a cross-functional collaborator in all platforms including TV, film, advertising, design and editorial settings, digital, gaming and experiential. Leading creative teams from pitch to production, I bring out the best from the talent around me. I develop ideas that fit with storytelling and brand identity.

I’ve collaborated with so many talented friends and awesome people as well as companies and brands like Sony, Spotify, HBO, Levi’s, Google, Amazon, Pepsi. I’ve also developed, directed and produced graphic packages and game opens for sports stadiums and arenas including the homes of the Washington Nationals, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Brooklyn Nets. My designs have been included in JAY Z’s “Made In America tour, Justin Timberlake and Shakira performances. In my early days I was at Rockstar Games designing, editing intros and art elements for the famed Grand Theft Auto franchise, with over 14 titles, including “GTA IV”, “GTA San Andreas”, “GTA ViceCityStories”, “The Warriors,” “Midnight Club,” and “RedDead.”

I also inspire next-gen artists and storytellers teaching ‘Introduction to Motion’ at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

In my free time I daydream or make music.