Artist Camella Ehlke
Director x Editor x Capture

About This Project

Directed, Edited and Capture.

Camella Ehlke’s textile sculptures reimagine customized patchwork, a hallmark of her streetwear label 555 Soul’s aesthetic, to showcase a melding of fashion, design, and sculpture, and to serve as a homage to the realms of fashion and Hip-Hop expression. She has long been involved drawing from deadstock fabrics, Ehlke’s sculptural chairs and poufs exhibit Hip-Hop’s high-low aesthetic, harmonizing modernist furniture with streetwear. Featuring uneven shapes, pillowy textures, and vibrant patterns, these works embrace both form and style, an expressive love letter to her fashion community. Within her remixed artistic creations, the echoes of Ehlke’s 80s streetwear artifacts still resonate, offering a bridge between eras.

Collaboration with Zahra Sherzad and Camella Ehlke.

ART PROJECTS, Live Action, Motion Design