About This Project

The Wide Awakes presents “INTER DEPENDENCE DAY” a collaborative artwork by @blackthought & @joseparla with visuals and edit by @maryamshines

A contemporary remix of Frederick Douglass’ historic speech “What to the slave is ‪the 4th of July‬?” given on July 5 1852, @blackthought’s poetic remix set to @joseparla’s incredible art, brings Douglass’ words to life for today’s realities that sadly are still as relevant as they were then.

The past is present.

This is a call for us to Wake Up and recognize that “instead of celebrating your independence day those of us who are Wide Awake will continue to celebrate our INTER dependence upon one another.”

Join @wideawakes2020 Inter Dependence Day events today in #NY#Chicago & #Berlin

#WideAwakes #4thForAll

Words: @blackthought
Art: @joseparla
Visuals & Edit: @maryamshines
Music: @blackthought and The Diamond Mine
Producers: @wildcatebonybrown @chrysi

Motion Design